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Fri-Oct-2022 | 16:35:42


While some believe that “sports betting” is an extremely old leisure activity there are others who swear that the Greeks, the birthplace of Olympics were the pioneers. Then, there is yet another school of thought who believes that the British aristocracy, especially those who owned race horses are the "True" inventors. Irrespective of its origination or the influencer, “sports betting” has come a long way since then.

Today, sports wagering has seeped into every sport, every game and every digital betting platform / club including online casinos, binary machines and virtual card games. Bettors can now wager on any sport from the comfort of their living room, office and even while travelling. The million dollar question ... is it safe? And the simple answer is only if you choose a trusted, transparent and technology driven Exchange of SportsBook.  Betbhai9 is one such sports betting entities and Id provider.

So, how is Betbhai different from dozens of similar betting platforms?

Check out the following to know the reasons.

  1. Enterprise class web and mobile application.
  2. Safe, secure, responsive and bug free environment.
  3. A single window provides access to dozens of bookies and exchanges.
  4. Latest payment and withdrawal options.
  5. Tips, tricks and blogs ... tools to help you as a wager.
  6. Promotional and referral bonuses which are the best in this industry.

Not yet convinced? Then the following revelation will surely perk up your spirits. It offers sports betting options for the entire range of sports and sporting events. Bet on cricket, cricketing tournament such as IPL, World Cup and league matches. Wager on political elections, business / stock events. If that is not good enough, Betbhai9 provides a convenient way to bet on digital or virtual games apart from real-life sports.

Web / Desktop or Mobile App?

The choice is entirely yours. Betting through the web needs a laptop / desktop computer. If you are someone who is comfortable with classic betting environment then this is the method for you. For someone who needs to wager on the go or comfortable with mobile devices, state of the art applications can be downloaded from the website itself.

Is the application safe? Does it demand technical skills?

Absolutely not! Simply download the APK file and run it on your mobile device. An icon is created which is like a door to the world of betting. Simply double click and you are good to go.

I am an iPhone user. Can I bet?

Yes, of course. You can download application for not just iOS ( iPhone ) but also for Android and Windows platforms. You can download this application on multiple devices for that extra flexibility. There is no catch or fees attached.

Conclusion –

Whether you want to bet on national sports / sporting event, an international one or looking to wager on intriguing online sports and gaming options, Betbhai9 is your one stop leisure provider. Bet in Indian Rupees and SportsBooks & Exchanges that are India-centric.